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  • How much does a cake cost?
    Our prices depends on: Size (width and height), number of tiers, design complexity, number of figurines, and if it is an allergy or diet-based cake.
  • How many days in advance should I make an order?
    It depends on what you need, if it is: - A simple cake from Menu Cuarentenistico (Japanese Shortcake, Tres Leches Cake, Baked Alaska, Tiramisu, etc), you can order from 1 to 2 working days in advance minimum. - An elaborated cake, a minimum of 2 weeks in advance is required. - A wedding cake, we recommend to book at least a month in advance.
  • Can I order your figurines only? I already have the cake.
    Unfortunately, we don't make figurines without the cake. All our figurines are handmade and it is one of the hardest job of our cake studio, it is a part that complements only cakes from our cake studio.
  • Are your cakes freshly made? We have not had a very good experiences with fondant before, it usually taste like plastic..."
    All our cakes are made from scratch and freshly made, even elaborated cakes are baked with maximum a day before the event. Our fondants are also handmade from scratch. The fondant cakes you have tasted before are probably premade by mass production industries or were not very fresh. Quality and freshness are one of our top priorities.
  • I want my cake exactly the same like this one from Pinterest/ other Cake Shop.
    As an artist, we value our colleague's work and each artist individuality, therefore, we do not favor copying other people's art. We can identify the elements that got your attention from the references and create a cake based on the same concept, but differently executed. Nonetheless, we do encourage you send us references (even from our gallery) so we can understand your expectations and both being on the same page.
  • How do I confirm my order?
    All orders must be confirmed by making a deposit by Yappy or ACH (local transfer). Details are on the bottom of the quotation or will be given to you after the price of your quote is confirmed. Once the deposit is made, make sure to send us the proof of payment by email or WhatsApp to confirm your order.
  • Can I pay by cash on the day of the event?
    Nope, all orders must be paid in total at least one week prior the event.
  • I ordered a Baked Alaska a few minutes ago, will it arrive anytime soon now?"
    Patience! We work very hard for your order to arrive in perfect condition and in the fastest way possible, however, it depends on many factors like the time of your order, your delivery address, the traffic of the day. Expect it to arrive between Mon-Fri 12PM-5PM and Sat 12PM-3PM. If time is not in your favor, we highly recommend you order through ASAP as they usually take less than an hour to deliver our goods, and we have extended working hours in that platform.
  • Should the Baked Alaska go in the freezer or on the fridge?
    Baked Alaska main layer is made of ice cream, please put it in the FREEZER as soon as it arrives!
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